Eric Elam

Elam Consulting, Inc.

"During my many years selling property and casualty insurance, life and employee benefit programs, I saw a vital need for an insurance consulting service. This service would provide insurance buyers with professional but hassle-free advice on how to control their costs and enhance the quality of their insurance program. That’s what we provide our clients and the business community."

Insurance Consulting Services

We provide each client with a full range of services which may include a comprehensive continuing program or specified consultation as needed. Some clients may need only a review of their current insurance program. Our extensive range of services available to each client may be found in our Insurance Consulting Services page.


Employee Benefits Consulting

Elam Consulting, Inc. helps clients in the fully insured and self-funded employee benefits area of group medical, dental, life, short and long term disability.

We specialize in preparing specifications and analyzing bids for fully insured and self-funded alternatives. Buyers must make informed decisions on the downside and upside risks of employee benefit funding methods and coverage needs.


Associations, Charitable, Religious and Financial Entities

We play a very special role in providing services to these entities. Our services assist the Board Members or Insurance Committees to remove political or other influences and make prudent decisions on behalf of their constituents. Our analysis and recommendations free you and support you in fulfilling your responsibility to those who depend on you in looking after their best interests.



Elam Consulting, Inc. does none of the following relative to professional services: