Eric Elam

Elam Consulting, Inc.

"During my many years selling property and casualty insurance, life and employee benefit programs, I saw a vital need for an insurance consulting service. This service would provide insurance buyers with professional but hassle-free advice on how to control their costs and enhance the quality of their insurance program. That’s what we provide our clients and the business community."

Expert Witness Consulting

Rate and Fee Schedule

Principal Consultant $250 per hour
Travel Time* $100 per hour
Word Processing $ 50 per hour
Auto Travel Expense .50 per mile
Copies .25 per copy
Long Distance Cost
Fax Cost
Postage and Overnight Delivery Cost
Airfare, Lodging and Travel Related Expenses Cost
* The travel time rate applies to actual time spent during air or vehicle travel to and from any destination on behalf of our client. Travel time does not include evenings or nights after the destination is reached.
Payments are due within 40 days receipt of invoice or billing statement. Services will terminate on future work until payments are received per the letter of engagement.